Welcome to Worship!

Worship is at the heart of who we are as a community of faith, and Christ is at the center of our worship. Come discover the refreshing beauty and enduring depth of worship with a tradition that draws from a five-hundred year history of being "reformed and always reforming according to the Word of God." 

Child Care and Children's Ministry

Child care is available during worship on Sunday mornings and during most church events. Our nursery is available on Sunday mornings, and we have Sunday School classes for children Kindergarten through High School. 

During worship, all young disciples are invited to the front of the Sanctuary for a special message and prayer, after which children Pre-K through 2nd Grade are dismissed from the Sanctuary for Little Presbyterians. 

Little Presbyterians encourages children Pre-K through 2nd grade to explore Scripture and to see God's work in the world and their lives, bringing stories from Scripture to life through games, art, music, and reading. 

As people called to reflect God’s love to young people, we recognize the great responsibility we have to be accountable before God, the church, and the community for the safety and well-being of children and youth. Respecting this responsibility, we hold ourselves to a high, holy standard of providing safe and secure environments for all children and youth under our care. For more information about our guidelines, please read our Child and Youth Protection Policy.

Lent Worship Schedule

"Were You There?" 

A Lenten Series in the Characters of the Cross

Each Sunday this Lent, we will focus on a different character who was either near the cross at the time of Jesus’ death, or closely related to it in some way during the Passion story. In addition to reading the Scriptures that reveal each character’s intersection with Christ’s path in ministry, we will see these characters appear in worship. We thank the members of our congregation who have volunteered to play the roles of these characters by delivering monologues that offer imaginative reflections on their perspectives of the Passion. In addition, our service music has been carefully selected to highlight themes from each character’s experience. The characters are listed below. 

2/26    Ash Wednesday (7:00 PM)

Character of the Cross: Nicodemus

The season of Lent begins with this evening service, starting in the Fellowship Hall for a meal at 6:00 PM and then moving to the Sanctuary for worship at 7:00 PM. We mark the beginning of this season by receiving the mark of ashes in the sign of the cross, remembering that we are dust and to dust we shall return.

3/1    1st Sunday of Lent (Communion Sunday)

Character of the Cross: Pontius Pilate


3/8   2nd Sunday of Lent

Character of the Cross: Simon Peter

3/15   3rd Sunday of Lent

Character of the Cross: Mary Magdalene

3/22   4th Sunday of Lent

Character of the Cross: Mary, the Mother of Jesus

3/29    5th Sunday of Lent

Character of the Cross: The Roman Centurion

On the last Sundays of each month, we receive the Five Cents-a-Meal Offering (click here for more information about this Special Offering).

4/5     Palm Sunday (Communion Sunday)

Character of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene

4/9    Maundy Thursday (7:00 PM)

Character of the Cross: Judas Iscariot

As we remember the night Jesus shared a Last Supper with his disciples, we begin together with a Fellowship Meal at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall, and then will gather in the Sanctuary at 7:00 PM for a service of worship and communion. This service concludes with the Stripping of the Sanctuary: as our elements of worship are removed from our worship space, we remember how Jesus was stripped, and what he endured, for the sake of those he loved. This service continues on Good Friday.

4/10    Good Friday (7:00 PM)

Tonight, we commemorate the day Jesus died for us on the cross, telling his story through readings, special music, reflection, and prayer. 

Stones will be made available for those who enter our worship space on their way in to be used for contemplation. Stones can represent many things: tools of judgment; objects of temptation; burdens of worry, concern, shame, or guilt; symbols of the altars people build where they have an encounter with God; and, in modern Judaism, symbols people leave at a grave site as a way to honor the memory of the dead. Throughout this service, our congregation has the opportunity to hold a stone in contemplation, placing their worries on it, feeling its weight, reflecting with it on their encounters with God. There will be an invitation for people to approach the cross at the front of the sanctuary, where they can pray and reflect with their stones, and then leave their stones behind--leaving behind their worries and temptations, letting go of the weight, marking their encounter with God, and honoring Jesus at the hour of his death.

This service continues on Easter Sunday.