Yard Sale

10298098_548738985227052_1199185884493780680_oOn the first Saturday in October, we organize a church yard sale as a mission activity to support local, national, and international ministry partners.  Since the event is in conjunction with Old Time Saturday, an annual festival in our downtown, the event draws quite a crowd!

At the sale, we are organized into stores for books, housewares, sporting goods, electronics, finer things, antiques, linens, toys, holiday goods, and a host of silent auction baskets featuring donations from local business as well as larger sealed bid items such as cars and boats.10668934_551001458334138_7013893904169923552_o

This event utilizes most of the congregation in the planning, preparing, and implementing of this mission day.  Over the past twenty years of organizing the yard sale, we have raised over $205,000 for ministry partners around the world.