Covenant Learning

Covenant Learning Groups- Summer 2015

For the summer, all youth and adults are invited to be part of a congregation-wide study on the biblical book of Ephesians, utilizing the book Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ by Eugene Peterson.  In this study we will utilize this letter to explore what it means to mature as individual Christians and as a church community.  In our American culture, we see a great emphasis on conversion and church numerical growth but rarely do we explore what we do once we commit ourselves to following Jesus and being part of his Church.  This class is intended to help mature us in faith, a maturing that takes a lifetime.  Worship each Sunday will also feature one of the texts of Ephesians as the sermon text of the day, so participating in both the study and worship will help us deepen our biblical knowledge and faithful witness to God!

Coffee Fellowship will be from 9:30—  9:45 a.m. each Sunday. The church will provide a light breakfast and coffee before Sunday School  begins.