Founders and Pastors

First Presbyterian Founders and Pastors

The very day that the structure was completed, dedication ceremonies were
started with a sermon preached that Saturday, December 16, 1871, by the
Reverend James Park of Knoxville. On Sunday, the 17th, the dedication
sermon was preached by our first pastor, the Reverend Joseph Martin, of
Jefferson County. His text was “Ye are the Temple of the Living God”. No
doubt, in attendance was the entire congregation and the founding charter

Charter Members

Col. and Mrs. John Rober Branner
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
Col. and Mrs. Sam N. Fain
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
William A. Moser
Judge Milton Jarnagin
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Yoe
Mrs. Agnes Jarnagin
Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Williams
Mrs. Porter Peck
R. H. Ashmore
John Fain Ross
Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Newman
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church
Mrs. A.J. Mountcastle
Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Branner
Geo. Branner
J.P. Rhoton
Richard Bradshaw
Mary I. Parrot
T.C. Newman
Sterling Branner
J.B. Brisco

Our Pastors from the beginning…

Joseph Hamilton Martin, 1867-1873
John Daniel, 1874-1875
William Cameron, 1876-1877
J. Albert Wallace, 1877-1879
E. McNair, 1880
Marshall Wallace Milliard, 1881-1883
(first name lost) Gregory, 1885 Stated Supply
C. J. Ralson, 1886 Stated Supply
John Pegram Anderson, 1886-1887
Joseph Gabriel, 1888-1889
J. C. McFerrin, 1889-1892
James McGavock Richardson, 1893-1894
A. Sidney Doak, 1895-1899
Marvin MacFerrin, 1900-1903
Franklin Leeper, 1904-1910
Moses Liddell, 1912-1913
John B. Bittinger, 1914-1919
Dabney Carson, D. D., 1920-1922
V. P. Merrell,, 1924
J.J. Douglass, 1926-1929
E. C. Tomkinson, 1929-1934
Harry M. Moffett, Jr., 1935-1939
Ralph Llewellyn, 1940-1942
John Yelton, 1944-1950
Richard F. Rouquie, 1950-1953
B. Harrison Taylor, 1954-1958
Zachary T. Piephoff, Jr., 1959-1962
E. O’dell Smith, 1962-1968
Richard Keaton, 1968-1971
Andrew Schramm, 1971-1982
Keith Nickle, 1982-1991
Ford King, 1991-1994
Robert Reno, 1994-2002
Russ Weekley, 2002-2010
Glenda Hollingshead (Associate Pastor), 2007-2010
Dr. Robert Shurden (Interim Pastor), 2010-2011
Andrew C. Whaley, 2011-2015
Diana Moore (Interim Pastor), 2015-2017